Lastest Chapter III content update for Runes of Magic



Players of the online role-playing game Runes of Magic can soon enjoy the content of update 3.0.3 called “In the depths of the forest” that will go live tomorrow. The new content update offers players a new zone with new quest lines and the option to make new friends through the new relationship system. Beginners will all enjoy the company of a very special virtual pet and the update also includes a rebalance of a large number of skills in the game.

Over 100 quests will lead players through the new region of the Northern Janost Forest. Players will continue to explore the story of the third chapter of Runes of Magic by helping the Angrens defend their land against degenerated elves. If adventurers accept the challenge, they are able to reach the new level cap of 60, the final limit raise linked to Chapter III.

Apart from this new high-level content, every player will be able to enjoy a new relationship system allowing them to bind themselves together as friends, master and students or even lovers. Every relation will grant the persons involved special buffs when they are grouped with their partner. Lovers will even be able to marry their soul mate by exchanging their wedding ring in a chapel which has been built in Varanas, the most important city of Taborea.

Another new feature has been introduced by Frogster to help out beginners to discover and enjoy the game in its early stages. From now on, a special pet, taking the form of a golden pixie, gives new players hints on how to play the game and help them out by granting them special buffs or healing them when damaged.

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