Last preview event for Craft of Gods and special packages

Kalicanthus Entertainment announced the last Craft of Gods Open Preview Event. For this last event before the launch on May 27th, Craft of Gods servers will open from May 20th, 2.30 PM CET, to May 25th, 2.30 PM CET. Players who have joined previous Craft of Gods events such as the Open Beta will be able to access the server with the same previously registered data.

By this last preview event, Kalicanthus Entertainment wants to give interested players the opportunity to discover all novelties which have been introduced for the upcoming official launch as well as numerous improvements and adjustments made thanks to the valuable feedbacks received from players through the various betas well frequented betas.

As of May 26th, 2.30 PM CET, those who have pre-ordered the game will be able to access the official server 24 hours ahead of all others who will be able to play only as of May 27th, 2.30 PM CET.

Same day Kalicanthus Entertainment will also open a dedicated trial server where all players who participated to Open Betas before can benefit from a special ten days trial offer for free. Players who have already signed up will not have to create a new account, they will be able to use the same previously registered one whereas formerly created characters are deleted and will need to be newly built.

Kalicanthus have announced too that it has created two special digital download packages. The two special packages are designed to offer users a unique opportunity to buy multiple copies of the game at a very competitive price.

The first package includes three discounted Keys at only 74,75 € (instead of 89,70 €) and it is ideal for friends who wish to join and play Craft of Gods as a group. The second package is a discounted Guild Package including five Keys at only 119,60 € (instead of 149,50 €), which is perfect for a guild wanting to join the world of Craft of Gods.

Check here all you need to know about Craft of Gods. And visit its official website.

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