Knight Online World reveals its new soccer expansion

Knight Online (KOL) announced the release of its latest soccer patch. In addition, KOL will be implementing a phased hacking punishment system within the game.

Soccer Patch Information

All users will be able to play soccer at a stadium placed right outside the Moradon Castle. The rules of the soccer matches are as follows:

• Soccer is Red versus Blue team
• A minimum of 2 players are needed to start a match
• You start a game by visiting the NPC outside of the Stadium
• Two soccer skills can be used; dribble and shoot.
o Additional skills will be released in upcoming patch releases
• You earn Goal Pendants with each goal scored:
• Goal Pendants can be exchanged for up to three different soccer uniforms

Other Additions

Players who wallhack within Knight Online will be sent to an in-game jail. To get out of jail, players will have to kill a specific amount of mobs to be released. In this patch Knight Online also cleared up additional exploitations which cheaters have been taking advantage of. In addition, KOL boasts new set of Power Up Store items that have been released.

“We are excited for players to take advantage of our several new features,” says Joey Hibbard, assistant producer on Knight Online at GamersFirst. “The new soccer patch will provide our community with new and exciting ways to interact with each other. The new Power Up Store items and anti-hack measures should prove to popular with our loyal fan base.”

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