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Developed by Shanghai TK Digital WebSoft Inc for internet browsers.


Kings of Nations is a Free to Play browser based game about war arts, culture conflict and economy development. Kings of Nations is not only a strategy game, it has AI system and battle scene. You can command your army and decide its tactic when you are online. If you are offline, the AI system will help you.


In Kings of Nations, player selects one from two of the civilizations, either Eastern Civilization or Western Civilization and plays on a randomly created map. Players begin with one main city, Central Government and some necessary resources and fight against other kings or cultures until he/she finally remains in the world. In the Central Government player can build different constructions, and developing new technologies. Different constructions have different functions. Before you launch the war either against the real player or against the NPC city, make sure you city economy is healthy. You have to find a balance point between economic developments and enhance your military force. Once your reputation reached enough level, you can set up your own country and command your underlings to attack your enemies.


Foods produced in farm will support your construction, research, maintenance your military force. The higher level of your farm, the higher of foods output will be.

Logging produce woods. Woods are the main resource of construction, research. Military force also need woods to support. The higher level of your logging, the higher of woods output will be.

Quarry produce stones. Constructions and research need lots of stone. The higher level of your quarry, the higher of stone output will be.

Iron ore
IronOre produce ironore. Ironore are the main resource of constuction, research. Military force also need ironore to support. The higher level of your ironore, the higher of ironore output will be.

Sulfur ore
SulfurOre produce sulfurore. Sulfurore are the main resource of constuction, research. Military force also need sulfurore to support. The higher level of your sulfurore, the higher of sulfurore output will be.


Market is the place for trading. You can trade resources items with merchant or some other players. Upgrade the market level can incease the scale of trading.

Warehouse is for place your foods, woods stones and some other mateirals. When you city is attacked, so you can keep some of your materials.

Training Ground
TrainingGround is the place your military force assembly. You can check your army detail. The higher level of your training ground, the more troops you can send to battle in the same time.

Barrack it the place you can recuit your military force. The higher level of your barrack, the more arms of service you can recruit.

Hostel is the place for your generals living. You can check your generals status, using tacts, appoint positions, and even fire them. You have to leave enough rooms for your generals living.

Temple is the place for manage your city. you can collect tax once for each day. You also can adjust the tax rate in the temple. You can expel your citizen out of your city. But if you expel high loyalty citizen, your reputation will decrease.

Intelligence Agency
IntelligenceAgency is the place providing you battle information. The higher level of the IntelligenceAgency, the less gold cost.


Internet connection and Java.

Website: Kings of Nations

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