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Developed by Joyport for internet browsers.


Kingory is a browser based strategy game set in China during the era of the three kingdoms. Kingory brings player in to the past brilliant and enthusiastic three kingdoms period. The player plays the role of a king, who starts from a small city and becomes a king ruling the world by making great effort. In the game, player will have chance to make famous generals of the three kingdoms period as his own and experience famous battles in the history of three kingdoms and even change the history.


City construction is the most basic link in SLG; all development should be based upon it. Kingory provides you with many buildings, among which you can choose one with favorable function as your own city. With simple constructing process, and clear direction, you can make your city impregnable。

it is the management center of city, which is responsible for the tax announcement, pacification, and levy order. Upgraded department official can have one more piece of wild land, and three piece of resource land outside the city, and more gold.

it provides accommodations to people living in the city, attracting more people to settle here.

it is a place for studying all kinds of technologies, which helps a lot to the production, construction and battles. Higher level, more to study. One time, one college, one kind of technology, and different college, different kinds of technology. Technologies studied can be shared in other ponds, which should based on the condition that it reaches the same level with this technology, and take effect in this pond.
a place for recruiting generals. By upgrading the tavern, generals with higher level will be attracted.

a place for trading with businessman and other players, and for selling and buying resource. Higher level market, larger scales the trade.

a place for storing foodstuff, stone and iron. When the pond is raped, the resource stored here will be protected.

Rally Spot
a place for massing troops, where the troop going out, army training exercises,army condition examining, information gathering, going adjustment and strategy for defending the city. Higher level rally spot, more armies and soldiers.

a place for training and dismissing. Higher level camp, higher level soldier.

Hero Lounge
a place for generals to stay, and a place for checking general status, strategy using, appointment, rewarding and general dismissing. Only with vacant house, can the general be recruited.

a place for receiving embassy. With Level 1, you can join the league, and with level 2, you can create a league.

a place for forging all kinds of weapons, which is a necessary for building your troops.

a place for building armament, such as weapons and fortifications.

a place for raising horses, a necessary for training cavalry.

it can increase the speed of the army,which works only in city of your own and your league.

Beacon Towers
it is for information transmission by letting off fireworks to warn enemies in advance. Higher level beacon tower, more detailed information.

wall surrounding the pond protects the pond to make army in the city free form injury, and helps the ranged soldiers.


Outside city is your resource building; you can gain foodstuff, wood, stone and iron by constructing and upgrading outside city resource buildings,which provide you with wood, stone, iron and foodstuff and is the root of your fast development in the game. The construction of city, development of army, continue of war need a lot of resources, so you upgrade your resource building and fight against enemy and increase your strength by training army.

In Kingory, produce building in ordinary city can only be upgraded to level 10, but, famous city, according to different levels, such as prefecture, county, province, capital, can be upgraded to level 12,15,18,20.

in which foodstuff is produced to construct, study, establish and maintain the army and declare wars.

Logging Camp
in which wood is produced, wood is needed to construct and study, and manufacture weapons.

in which stone is produced, stone is for construction and study, and it is ammunition for catapult.

in which iron ingot is produced, which is needed for construction, study, and weapon and amour produce for the army.


In Kingory, there are a lot of equipments to increase the traits. Each battle will make the equipment decrease the lasting. When the equipment drop to 0, gamer will fail to increase the traits. Gamers can use gold to repair the equipment but the equipment would not last long as repair many times. In addition to that, gamers also can use jewelry to recover the equipment.The equipment can get via the battle, treasure box open or join the events with officer.


There are twenty kinds of technologies, which will upgrade in effect and strength with the development of technology level. For example, indoctrination can shorten the time of soldier’s training; projectile can increase the distance of long range attacking. At the meantime, these are the prerequisite of developing advanced buildings and soldiers. In Kingory, the upgrading of buildings and soldiers is related to technology tree, so the player should pay attention to balanced development of skills. If not upgrade skill, player cannot go on in the game.


Cash gift is used to buy items in the store, and inquire about information in tavern, and it is used between businessman, not players who should buy items themselves, and the items they buy is banded and not tradable. Players can gain items by activities, tasks, gifts and so on.


Internet connection and flash.

Website: Kingory

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