Kingory: new server launch special offers

Kingory gamers, great news for those who cherish new challenges. Third server ¨C "Wrath Python"  has been launched on Feb. 1st, 9:00 PST sharp. Now, not only are there new quests waiting for you to explore, and new land to conquer, but also are there HANDFUL of events and special offers for you to grab.

Event No.1: New Server DOUBLES

Till Feb. 8th, 9 am. PST, all gamers charge diamonds under the new server "Wrath Python"  would get the same amount of vouchers plus FOR FREE. Moreover, for those who have charged $30 and above, they would also get a gift package worth $50 containing: 5* Lu Ban Leaflet, 2* Lu Ban Sketch, 5* Coral, 5* Liuli, 1* Crystal, 1* Amber, 1* Food Bundle, 1* Lumber Bundle, 1* Stone Bundle, 1* Iron Bundle.

Event No.2: Sign-up Gift Package

Till Feb. 8th, 9 am. PST, all new sign-ups under the new server "Wrath Python" will get a gift package worth $23.5 containing: 1* Corvee Order, 1* Bronze Treasure Box, 1* Bronze Key, 5* Lu Ban Leaflet, 5*Lu Ban Sketch, 5* Mohism Sequel, 5* Mohism Leaflet, 20 Vouchers.

Event No.3: Super Markdown

Till Feb. 7th, 3 pm. PST, every day from 11 am. to 3 pm. PST, all the following hottest items including Corvee Order, Lu Ban Sketch, Lu Ban Note, Mohism Leaflet, Mohism Blueprint, Lumber Bundle, Stone Bundle.

Read here all you need to know about Kingory.

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