King of Kings 3 will be in North America

In addition to holding the European publishing rights of King of Kings 3, gamigo has announced that it now holds the North American license for the game. King of Kings 3 is expected to go into Closed Beta testing in the second quarter of 2010.

"As a globally-focused publisher, our aim is to be able to offer our games in all key markets," says Patrick Streppel, member of gamigo's executive board. "King of Kings 3 is one of the highlights of our portfolio.  The emphasis of the game is on PvP battle and the extensive guild features, such as the building of guild towns and guild warfare, are unparalleled in the realm of free-to-play gaming."

The game's developing studio, Lager, and gamigo have been working hard the past year to localise the game for Western markets. The plot of the game has been completely rewritten and the seven fantasy realms are based on medieval powers, giving players from Europe and North America the opportunity to go into battle for their nation. A complete re-balancing reduces grinding and now allows players to reach the highlights of the game, PvP and guild gameplay, more quickly.

Visit the game's official website.

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