Kartuga celebrates the “Board the Servers Days” event

InnoGames has announced that its action pirate-themed MMORPG Kartuga, is celebrating an event named "Board the Servers Days", which will allow players from today and until April 26, try the closed beta of the game without any key.

This event, aimed to stress-test the servers capacity, will let the players have a first look at the game before the official launch.   Furthermore, all participants have the chance to win a key for the Closed Beta, which would allow them to continue playing after the 26th.

"Kartuga proceeds very positively, so we are slowly heading up to the Open Beta. Thus, the performance test is a very important chance for us to gather data and prepare the servers as thoroughly as possible for the start. We hope the players will intensively challenge the servers and maybe push them to their maximum capacity. This would give us the most useful data", explains Kartuga Product Manager Florian Supa.

In addition, you can take a look to this video that will show you the game!

Information source: InnoGames press release.

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