Karos Online: major changes

NHN Corporation has announced some major changes and additions to their free-to-play fantasy MMORPG Karos Online. The game has been extensively updated over the past two weeks, and players will be able to level up to 60, explore the new zone of Bhalasong, choose a second character class specialization and test their new skills in a thrilling new floor of the Antcave dungeon. Many bug fixes and gameplay improvements have been added, with particular attention given to early levelling.

"We want new Karos Online players to have the best possible experience while coming to grips with the game," said Heejin Jeong, Senior Overseas Sales Manager at NHN Corporation. "Taking into account what players have told us, we've refined the starting area, and we believe that now the new player experience is smoother and more fun than ever. We hope you'll enjoy it, and please let us know what you think!"

The second class specialization is a much-anticipated addition planned to go live next week, which will take combat to a whole new level for experienced players. For each class, two additional specialization options will become available upon completion of a special quest chain at level 55, which sends players to the brand new Sentryheil Tower Entrance. For their second specialization, players can choose to focus on targeting single allies/opponents for maximum impact, or specialize in area-of-effect skills that protect or threaten groups.

Bhalasong is a wild and dangerous zone designed for players at or above level 44.  It is a land of lethal contrasts, with luxurious jungles, sinister forests and scorched lava lands. The creatures of Bhalasong, from brutal gorillas to deceptively beautiful dryads, will test even the strongest warriors. Also, players brave enough to enter the Antcave will now be able to face its fearsome fourth floor (if they survive that long!), where even deadlier dangers and more wonderful treasures await.

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