Karos Online: Closed Beta keys

karos Online

Last weekend, we detailed you the next closed beta weekend for the free-to-play fantasy MMORPG, which it would take place from the 23rd to 25th of October. But, today, we are offering you 1500 closed beta keys to access the  beta event.

"In the next Karos Online closed beta weekend, players will be able to progress to level 35, explore the new region of Peltrok, and try a new character class: the Mystic. The Mystic joins the previously announced classes of Blader (two-handed melee attacks), Rogue (dual-wielded attacks) and Bowmistress (ranged missile attacks)."

To get your key you only need to follow this link to gameitems.com and to follow the instructions.


Karos Online is a brand new free-to-play fantasy MMORPG developed by Galaxy Gate (lead developers of Laghaim and Last Chaos), to be published in Europe and North America by NHN Corporation. An English release is scheduled for Q4 2009, with German and Turkish versions to follow. Check here the official website of Karos Online.

Karos Online features

• Breathtaking 3D graphics and combat action effects
• 5 different races and 9 original classes, evolving into 36 different specialized classes
• Dynamic, evolving dungeons with shifting paths and surprises
• Guild wars, territory control and large-scale castle siege battles
• Alternate Fletta level progression system
• Elaborate mining, fishing and crafting system
• Small client size (760MB) and low minimum PC requirements
• Keyboard and mouse control both available

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