Kal Online: pet system update

Inixsoft (CEO Kim Sun-gu) announced that a new system update for Pet System would be added in KalOnlineKalOnline that is based on oriental fantasy background will get four kinds of pets – Blue Dragon, White Tiger, Red Bird and Black Tortoise which respectively stand for Benevolence, righteousness, propriety and wisdom.

Blue Dragon, White Tiger, Red Bird and Black Tortoise come from the Painting of Four Guardian Gods describing the Heaven and Yin-Yang and the Five Elements theory. Blue Dragon that protects the east is aggressive, and White Tiger that protects the west can heal its master and specialized in certain skills. Red Bird is skilled at defense and Black Tortoise is aggressive and has certain special skills.

In accordance with pet’s attribute, players can get diverse buffs such as attack-power-up or defense-ability-up from his/her pet at PVP as well as in monster hunting. “We will also make every effort during 2010 to repay our KalOnline players for their much interest and acclamation to us”, said one of the staff of KalOnline.

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