K.O.S. Closed beta


YNK Interactive opens the doors on their new free to play first person shooter.

“We’re all very excited here to launch the K.O.S. beta test” said Brian Udarbe, Lead of YNK Interactive’s K.O.S. Division.  “The features we’re packing into the game have been designed with the players in mind, and we’re testing it with some of the top FPS players and clans in the world alongside thousands of players new to first person shooters.  The community is already buzzing and we’ll be working hard to keep them happy.”

New recruits are invited to register at www.dontblynk.com for a chance to join the closed beta testing for K.O.S. – Secret Operations , which begins today.


K.O.S – Secret Operations is a free-to-play multiplayer online first person shooter (FPS) for your PC.  Some of its key features:

•      Play online with your friends from around the world --- for free
•      4 different game modes
•      Grow your gunner through leveling and special abilities
•      System requirements are fairly low, allowing virtually any PC to play
•      Confident in your skills?  Enter Pro Mode and put your (in-game) money where your mouth is!
•      Compare yourself to all players through our individual and clan ranking system
•      Need more players on your side?  Draft some KOSbots, the latest in AI infantry
•      Secret documents can be found in-game, which can be traded for special items

The game comes bundled with Xfire™, enabling players to easily communicate with each other via voice chat during game play, along with other unique features such as live stream video, one click screen capture, and community page access.

9 Comentarios de K.O.S. Closed beta

  1. stringer

    This game rox. It’s by far the best f2p FPS out there. Find me in game: xXstringerXx

  2. bradleeg

    K.O.S. is an AWESOME game. Best free to play FPS I’ve ever played. Way better than Crossfire or Sudden Attack or Combat Arms. All my FPS buds are coming over to this game. http://kos.dontblynk.com

  3. Blue

    This game is fun. Not the best out there, but definately worth a shot if you’re tired of combat arms or sudden attack. I like the bot system as well as the wager feature. Give it a thumbs up.

  4. Juanjo de Goya

    You are right, it’s fun. Talking about mmo shooters, I’m testing at the moment Global Agenda.

  5. jon lasher

    This is a gem of a game. It does everything right. Highly recommended.

  6. StuShirtz

    TWO THUMBS UP!!! My whole clan moved here [vF], and we are the kings.

  7. Juanjo de Goya

    What [VF] means, Stu?

  8. Antwerp949

    This game is still awesome and the staff is very friendly. Bux is just an all around badass.

  9. xsavage

    KOS got new updates. come play again.

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