Joymax has launched the closed beta test of Knight Age

Joymax has launched the closed beta test for their newest and most ambitious MMORPG title, Knight Age. Knight Age's closed beta comes with 7 different exclusive events during the week that players won't want to miss. To name one, all closed beta testers will receive a special package of items filled with helpful goodies to kick-start their thrilling riding-action adventure. Other events will be held to provide numerous chances to win free legendary 'Pupa Eggs', a fierce and beautiful tiger mount, an epic weapon only available during the events, and much much more.

This is all in addition to Knight Age's abundant game features, including mounted combat and a colossal PVP system pitting 50 allied knights against 50 opposing knights. In the Guild Siege Battles, the land's castles can be claimed for glory and reward. The 'Pupa' battling companion system lets you collect and nurture a cute yet deadly pet.

"We've chosen to run a fast-paced, intense closed beta test so we can gather the best feedback in the shortest period of time, and use that to refine the game going into open beta," said Nam-Chul Kim, CEO of Joymax. "We've taken the lessons learned from our other flagship titles, including Silkroad Online and Digimon Masters, and applied that knowledge to make Knight Age the title that surpasses everything we've done before."

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