Joymax has announced today their newest MMORPG Knight Age

Joymax has announced today their newest and most ambitious MMORPG title, Knight Age. Knight Age will open its very first English closed beta testing to all players between July 10th and July 17th. The game is a 3D fantasy MMORPG, will take players through a vast world of Knights battling against a malicious God. Featuring a unique riding-action where players can perform elaborate attack skills on mobile mounts. Knight Age provides a one-of-a-kind combat system that is carried out on mounts with each ride providing different types of power-ups!

Another impressive feature of Knight Age is the pet system known as 'Pupa'. Players are able to journey with a variety of pets that will fight alongside the Knight. With over 20 different 'Pupa's to collect, players can raise them and also combine their features to create a whole new and more powerful pet.

The game is set to feature a colossal PVP system where PVP battles can range from up to 50 vs. 50 and even 1 vs. 100 for the ultimate battle for Excalibur. Knight Age will also feature Guild Siege Battles where players will fight against other guilds, to siege or defend, over the castle and become the castle ruler! Ruling the castle comes with great benefits such as an exclusive chance to acquire high-end rare items and automatically earn in-game money.

"Following the wildly successful launch of Digimon Masters, now is the perfect time for Joymax to focus on bringing yet another crown jewel to our growing library of quality titles that appeal to gamers of all ages and nationalities," said Nam-Chul Kim, CEO of Joymax. "We are excited to garner feedback from this upcoming closed beta testing period."

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