Jade Dynasty unveils details of its upcoming expansion

Last Friday, Jade Dynasty unveiled details of its upcoming, yet-to-be named expansion on the official Perfect World blog.  It will Feature:

- Two new classes to the immortal Athan race: The Celan and the Rayan.

The Celan
Known for their ability to manipulate foes while boosting their allies’ morale using the musical notes of the Immortals.

The Rayan
Known as the deadly assassins, they are feared even among their allies.

- Territory Wars

Alliances will battle for control over the many lands of Jade Dynasty!  Take control of various regions to gain valuable resources to help you on your quest for world domination.  Keep your wits about you, for you’ll need great strategy to conquer and keep these lands from enemy alliances. Now strengthen your alliance in preparation for the coming war.  With the stakes this high, it takes only a single traitor to ruin all that you have accomplished.

Battle on land, in the air and on the sea!  Summon ancient beasts to fight alongside your army.  Hire powerful and exotic mercenaries to bolster your forces.

- Upgraded physics and smoother movements
With expansion, Jade Dynasty will have got smoother movements, better physics and destructible environments.

Check here all you need to know about Jade Dynasty. And visit its official website.

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