Jade Dynasty celebrates one year anniversary on June 16th

Perfect World Entertainment Inc. today announced that Jade Dynasty will be celebrating its one year anniversary on June 16th. Since the game launched in 2009, Jade Dynasty players have spent more than 2,000 years in the game using the unique Invigorate combat aid. The Invigorate combat aid is a feature which allows players to bypass the typical grind associated with most typical MMOs.

"Jade Dynasty's one year anniversary highlights key milestones for us including the time equivalent to 2,000 years players have spent in-game with the Invigorate combat system alone," said Andrew Brown, Product Manager for Jade Dynasty . "Everyone has a different playing style and with the Invigorate combat system, we're ensuring that players can progress through the game regardless of their real world activities. Jade Dynasty is truly an MMO that can fit into anyone's schedule, whether you have 15 minutes or a couple hours to play a day."

In celebration of Jade Dynasty's one year anniversary, players will enjoy double EXP for 120 consecutive hours starting on June 16th - 20th. As an additional incentive for players to log on during Jade Dynasty's anniversary week, players who log a total of 100 cumulative hours in-game (from June 14th - 20th) will be rewarded with a special gift.

Check here all you need to know about Jade Dynasty. And visit its official website.

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