It’s Christmas in Tales of Pirates

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Christmas is quickly approaching, and so is Santa with his load of gifts. To give their players an extra reason to celebrate, IGG's Tales of Pirates Team has rolled out many surprising gifts so everyone can share in the fun this season.

Christmas Village is one of the game's featured instances. Specially designed for this time of year, it closes soon after the Christmas holiday. This year, it will again be filled with a festive atmosphere, featuring a huge Christmas tree, kindly Santa, cute Reindeer and much more. In Christmas Village players can have a merry time with events like the Reverse X'mas Village event, Big Sales, Surprising Stocking, Boss Slaying and others.

The Christmas Village will be open from December 25 to December 30. You will find the gate to Christmas Village next to a grand Christmas tree. During the event, players will receive 5X EXP for doing quests or fighting monsters. Defeat the Turkey, Reindeer, Evil Santa, or X'mas Snowman to obtain a Christmas Stocking. Open the Christmas Stocking to find an awesome Christmas apparel set or Fireworks, or even random gifts from Santa. The NPCs in Christmas Village are also very busy selling Christmas gifts. You can go have a look at all the great deals and choose a favorite gift for yourself!

When it comes to Boss Slaying, you can have a glorious battle with such Bosses as the Death Knight, Huge Mud Monster, Snowman Warlord and Soul of Goddess. Defeat them to win a Christmas Gift Box. Open the box for a chance to win a surprising gift, the Gem of Soul.


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