IronSight CB Giveaway

IronSight Closed Beta Giveaway here in MMOReviews

Today e are going to giveaway keys for the Closed Beta Tests of IronSight.

Iron Sight is a new First-Person-shooter Action MMO, Aeria Games / Gamigo is the publisher for the game.

Codes will be added to day at 21:00 UCT time. Stay tuned.

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Step 2. Complete the captcha, then add your email to the field above (next to the "Get Your Key" button). You can only sign up once for this giveaway. If this is the first time you use our system, please check your email to validate it and add again the same mail to the field above.

Step 3. Visit IronSight and sign up and login with your new account.

Step 4. Redeem the code here IronSight

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