Introduction of crafting for Black Prophecy

gamigo and Reakktor Media introduces the crafting feature for Black Prophecy. Crafting components and ship modules requires different resources, parts and blueprints. Once all the pieces have been acquired, items can be created using a "constructor", which is found in the workshop of each space station.

Resources and Parts
There are three types of resources in the game: metal, plasma and gas. Metal is extremely important for crafting ship modules, weapons and other items. Plasma is primarily used as a source of energy during crafting. Gas is an important resource needed for the production of high-performance computers and for operating hyper-space jump drives.

There are a number of ways players can gain resources. Destroyed spaceships become space junk from which a certain amount of resources can be salvaged. Resources can also be collected during successfully completed missions. The type and amount of resources to be had depends on the level of difficulty. The largest deposits of raw materials, known as resource stations, are conquered and controlled by clans.

Parts such as CPUs, steering units or energy sources are sold by merchants or stolen from enemy NPCs.

Blueprints are found in the wreckage of old ships and contain all the information needed to produce an item. They specify how much of each resource and what parts are needed. Once a module has been crafted successfully, the blueprint cannot be used again. If crafting fails, all the resources and parts used will be lost, but the blueprint will remain intact. The apex of any crafting project would be a critical success, which increases the quality of the crafted item greatly.

The Constructor
Besides producing ship and station modules, players can also modify, repair and enhance these. There are also optional items players can use during the production process to increase the likeliness of success or to shorten crafting time, for example.

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