Interviewing the Head of Product of Twin Saga


This week we interviewed Parthasarathi Das, Head of Product at Aeria Games, about the current state of Twin Saga and its future. This free to play anime MMORPG has been in Open Beta for some months, and it's getting ready for launch.

Q1. How do you feel Twin Saga is different from the dozens of other anime-style free-to-play MMORPGs on the market?

A: Twin Saga allows you to change classes and skills freely, offering the flexibility to adapt to any situation or fit in any team you’d encounter, without having to re-train a new character. Another feature specific to Twin Saga is the Terracottage, a customizable mobile house, carried on the back of a giant creature.

Q2. The game has been in Open Beta for a few months now in EU/NA, what has the reception been like from the western community?

A: Twin Saga has been the most successful X-Legend game launch during its open Beta phase. Despite some difficulties on the technical side last year, which we have resolved since then, the players have continuously praised the game’s qualities and are submitting constant feedback and requests asking for additional content and updates. We are impatient to let our community and newcomers discover the new content we have prepared for them in the world.

Q3. Can you tell us a little more about how the class system works? Will we see any new classes?

A: As stated, the core concept of the class system is the ability to freely switch between them depending on the team and the situations players encounter. Say you suddenly feel inclined to explore the gorgeous landscape with a different class – with our system, this is no problem at all. Four classes are available from the start: Swordmaster, Dragonknight, Mage, and Gunslinger. Later in the game, players can unlock Cleric, Paladin, Hunter, Rogue, Berserker, and Occultist – and soon we’ll have an exclusive new class: the Monk.


twin_saga_hunter twin_saga_swordmaster

Q4. The game features a very original player housing system that you gain access to surprisingly early in the game. Can you give us some more details on it?

A: The Terracottage is a mobile house in which an adventurer can socialize with friends, handle professions, or perform various tasks such as cooking, sewing, performing alchemy and more. It consists of three rooms: Main Hall, Greenhouse and Workshop. The Main Hall can be customized with furniture and decorations. You can invite friends to your own place or choose to go and visit their homes! What could be more fun than opening some chests together with your friends?

Q5. Which updates and new features can the EU/NA players be expecting soon or in the coming year?

A: With the upcoming update, players will have a lot of content to discover: two new maps, one new class, and additional dungeons and quests. They will also have the possibility to further improve their character thanks to the level cap increase (65 to 70) and to partner with other players via the new Couple system. And obviously, more features and updates will keep coming regularly after this one.

Q6. The game is known as Astral Realm in the original Taiwanese version that was released prior to Twin Saga. How much influence over the development of the game does the EU/NA community have? Or will the Taiwanese players always have priority?

A: The Taiwanese players are ahead in terms of content as the game was first developed there. Hence, in terms of the technical setup the EU/US versions are “kind off” dependent on the Taiwanese version. However, the developers have a long-standing relationship with us and we closely collaborate with them in deciding the feature pipeline for the game. For this one we take the feedback from the EU/US players and combine it with the needs of the other international versions to decide on the final content pipeline.



Q7. How does the game handle micro-transactions? Does the shop focus on cosmetics, boosts, or gear?

A: Exactly, players have access to a large choice of vanity equipment, costumes, mounts, companions, boosts etc. The list is long! Players can get items by purchasing them in the in-game shop or the loyalty shop. They can also gamble on the Astral Puzzles for a chance to get some of the best items in the game. While none of these are mandatory to enjoy the game, those who want to explore all its possibilities can choose to do so and thus support the continuous enhancement of the game even further.

Q8. Do you have anything else that you'd like to mention about Twin Saga?

A: Twin Saga has been one of the most appreciated game releases that we have had. The community has been very supportive with their constructive feedback so we will soon be able to successfully complete our Open Beta phase and move towards the biggest milestone in the history of the game: the commercial launch.

Thanks a lot for your time and for answering our questions. We wish you all the best with your continued success with Twin Saga!

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