Interview with the Victory: The Age of Racing development team

Here is an interview with the Vae Victis development team, which discusses about his new free racing MMO Victory: The Age of Racing, which casts you in the year 2062, 50 years after the world was almost destroyed and where your only goal is to cross at the top the finish line at the wheel of your car overkill.

Hi guys now that you have taken over the publishing of this game yourselves, how hard has this been and what has  been the biggest issues that you have come up against?

We’re now more free to head the development the way we want and release new patches and new content faster, we’re working really well with our beta testing community, receiving great feedback and suggestions. 

We’re still a small development studio so we’re now building up all the teams that are usually  handed by the publisher: the Marketing, PR, Support, QA and Operations Teams.

We already had an Operation team, we created a Support & QA team during the Beta 1 and we’re now working with the new Marketing and PR team waiting for the Beta 2, it’s not easy at all, but we’re working hard and found super cool people in the industry that are helping us so much in getting there fast and in the best possible way.

We’re trying to keep the game low profile in this first phase of the beta as we wanted to start with a small community of die hard fans: it’s easier for us and better for them. During Beta 2 we’ll start to market the game more aggressively and expand the user base a lot.

As we’re now the only ones who decides for the game we can now take hard decisions faster and develop new contents even faster, the only voice we listen is the on of our player base and community, we love them and we’re so proud to be able to create a game that is not only created by us, but also created by them, our players.

The gaming market has and is changing where MMO gaming is becoming the norm, what do you feel would help make a game in this arena standout from the rest and as a second part to question, your own game how do you intend to be the market leader? 

There’s tons of completely different MMOs on the market now: in the free to play market there are literally thousands of MMORPGs and FPS games. We started in 2007 with the idea of creating a free to play online racing game, there were few competition and the market was still skeptic about the free to play business model.

Victory has been designed since the day 1 with both the free to play model and the racing genre in mind: first of all we decided that the number one priority for a free to play racing game is to be a fair game: in Victory there’s no performance items that you can buy only with real money, there’s absolutely no “pay to win” items in the game.

Victory is a game where skills and stats are equally important: this is crucial in a PVP centric racing game.

We developed an advanced Racing Artificial Intelligence that serves as a driving aid when you drive with just a keyboard: this permit our players to play without a steering wheel or joypad and be equally competitive, a feature we’re really proud of. 

Most mid-core racing games are unplayable with the keyboard, you always need a joypad or even a steering wheel to be competitive, this is not the case in Victory.

Also, we developed a gameplay experience with the racing and PvP in mind: we offer fast and short races, one after the other, in completely different environments and tracks, with super fast loading screens.

This gives the players the opportunity to always have another chance to win: there are racing games out there where you are engaged in races that lasts 30 minutes, even hours. 

When you’re not winning or not fighting for the Victory in a racing game... everything gets boring fast. Short races solve this problem and gives everyone the chance to start again, race again and have another chance to win. 

Also, you’re always in that “just another one” mood: you don’t want to stop playing, because you’re going to level-up soon or because you just want to have another fast race before to leave the game.

Who would you say is your audience Formula 1 Racing petrol heads or casual racing fans., and what do you offer for both audiences?

We’re aiming at what we call Mid-Core Racers. 

They are the hard core racers that have no time or don’t want to spend three hours in a super accurate simulation racing game: Victory, thanks to its accurate and realistic car physics, it’s a casual game for hard core racers.

Also, they are the casual racers that wants more: bored of the physics of super casual racing games where you never brake and just keep the throttle down? Victory offers you more, without asking you to be a pro driver with a steering wheel and a super computer.

The game is divided in three increasingly difficult car classes: you will basically learn how to drive just by levelling up and driving new car classes, so casual gamers will love the Rookie class and then improve their skills with the Semi-Pro and Pro class during the game experience.

How much has the game changed over the last few  months since its launch as Beta 1?

We’re still in full development, we’re releasing weekly patches with both performance optimisations and new content. 

We completely updated our racing HUD and we introduced a better optimized social interface in the game to push the social interactions between the gamers. We just released a big patch introducing a brand new optimised net-code in the game. 

We’re also working hard on the website: you can check every car and driver in the game, all the rankings and your personal stats on your dashboard. The website it’s a very important part of the Victory experience and it is already fully integrated with the game.

Beta 1 has been up and running for quite a while could you give us a update to what sort of things are in plan for the future? 

Beta 2 is near. We’re working hard now on the last patch of the Beta 1 that will open the doors of Beta 2. 

Patch 9.0 will introduce a brand new performance points development system, an updated item market and we’ll also start to sell premium accounts and in game gold currency, testing the monetization of the game.

We’ll discuss this new features and changes with our player base as always: We’re so proud of how we’re able to develop the game together with the community that plays it and we want to continue to listen to their suggestions.

After that, during Beta 2 we’ll focus on new contents and game modes: we’ll introduce with Patch 9.1 a new single player mode for example. Patch 9.2 will bring to the game even mode multiplayer game modes and new features like a new TV camera for the spectator mode... we already presented our forth racing zone, Iron Mine, that will be released later this year, we’re working on hundreds of new items, it will be possible to customise your helmet and racing suit... racing teams support and the career mode are on the way... 

There’s literally hundreds of new features and contents that are coming up, a game like Victory is never finished, they say that “you never ship a free to play game”: it’s so true.

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