Interview with Echo Saviour, GM of Ace Online

Echo Saviour, GM of Ace Online, talks about the new patch of Ace Online.

What can we expect to see with this new patch?
A:  This patch adds quite a bit to ACE Online and will shake things up quite dramatically. First of all we have a complete overhaul of the Armor System, all new Armors, a new Infinity Field instance is available, new Attachment Adhesives, attachment enchants and Hologram Cards.  Players will have lots to do over the coming weeks once the patch is released. 

What does the reshaped Armor System look like? 
A:  The Armor System has been completely overhauled to allow players to have Prefix and Suffix bonuses(with applicable armor Prefix/Suffix cards).  This patch also brings T9 to T12 armors.  In terms of Slot Machine armors, all Slot Machine armors have had a bonus that was not Defense/Evasion/Energy/Shield will now be given the corresponding Prefix/Suffix to match.   Additionally, all Slot Machine armors are now in a single machine and Slot Machine modifications now look different along with the modifications receiving various tweaks.

The initial Infinity Field offering no doubt kept players busy, what can players expect from the next Infinity Field instance?
A:  The new instance is the Base Defense Field.  Players must defend the base against numerous raids and protect it from being attacked.  Players won’t be flying the skies in their formation alone however; they’ll be teaming up with AI-controlled ships that will help heal their team and defend the base.

This is a pretty large departure from the first Infinity Field instance, will the next one be totally different than the first two?
A:  That’s really up to Masangsoft but the Infinity Field really does open up endless possibilities.  We’re as anxious right now as everyone else will be to see what they come up with next.
What are the new Adhesive Attachments?
A:  Players can add the ability to reflect partial damage that they receive, they can add the ability to steal some enemy HP upon dealing damage and they can add an emergency module that will heal up some of their shields and energy instantaneously.  These attachments can be upgraded with various enchants and the attachments also have upgrade cards.

Hologram Cards?  I can only imagine what those might be.  Give our readers a run-through of what those are.
A:  Take a moment to imagine... ... ...done?  Did you imagine that these cards will allow you to look like an existing monster or boss to other players?  Players will now be able to disguise themselves as various monsters and bosses found in the game.  These cards last 30 minutes each and along with giving them a fierce new look, they will also give the player buffs for their duration.

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