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Today we invite you to take a look at this exclusive interview to Jeff Donais, the creative director for Gazillion Entertainment about its free to play online action RPG Marvel Heroes, in which we asked him about the game, the new features of the update 2.0 -  Asgard, and what is planned for the game's future.

Below you can read the answers that he gave to us.

First of all, thank you for letting us interview you about Marvel Heroes. Can you introduce yourself to our readers?

Hello! My name is Jeff Donais and I am the creative director here at Gazillion Entertainment. Previously I’ve worked with such companies as Blizzard Entertainment, Upper Deck Entertainment and Wizards of the Coast.

Describe Marvel Heroes with your own words

Marvel Heroes is an action RPG based on the Marvel Heroes IP that you play online with strangers and friends alike.

Which has been the hardest and the funniest part of developing this digital version of the Marvel Universe?

The hardest part is also the same reason why Marvel Heroes has been so fun to work on and that is the huge amount of history and content available to us as developers from the Marvel IP. There is so much stuff we want to add to the game and we have to use great patience to pace everything. Creating something that is truly awesome and enjoyable for our players and fans is a privilege.

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What has changed in Marvel Heroes since its launch? How much has evolved?

Since the game has launched, we’ve added 4 new Heroes and we are also adding Loki as a playable Hero in Game Update 2.0 – Asgard. We’ve also added new game modes, Heroic and Superheroic story mode, a plethora of new items and item slots, new costumes, and more!

What are the most important novelties which we will see in the Asgard update?

Game Update 2.0: Asgard will be one of the biggest patches to date for Marvel Heroes and will be the first patch that expands on the Story content in the game complete with new motion comics. Additional new content includes: New zones and a server wide mission to unlock the Bifrost Bridge, our first playable villain: Loki, new hero starting lineup with nine heroes, Legendary items, and more!

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Can we expect new heroes, costumes and items?

Absolutely! We release new costumes on essentially a weekly basis and hope to get a new playable Hero out monthly if not faster.

Can you give us some detail about Asgard's plot and the characters who will be involved?

I don’t want to spoil anything, but it will have based upon Asgard so Thor and Loki might be involved.

In this update are we going to visit any familiar places of the Marvel Universe?

Yes, Game Update 2.0 and the next few game updates will be based on Asgard so players will be visiting Asgard and associated realms.

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Can you give us some detail about the event in which players must work together to open the Bifrost bridge?

Yes, players will be assisting Reed Richards and SHIELD in a server wide event to unlock the Bifrost Bridge which will grant players access to Asgard.

What's planned for Marvel Heroes after the 2.0 update?

Subsequent Game Updates will expand and build upon the storyline and content introduced in 2.0. We will also continue to introduce new Heroes, costumes, items, game modes, and more!

Thank you for all your answers. Would you like to add something more?

Thank you for reading this interview. If you haven’t given a Marvel Heroes a try, you can download and play the entire game for free HERE. From all of us here at Gazillion Entertainment, we hope you enjoy playing the game as much as we do making it!


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