InnoGames announces Tribal Wars 2

Tribal Wars 2 - news

InnoGames has announced today the successor to its popular browser MMORTS Tribal Wars. The game, which will come under the name of Tribal Wars 2, is going to start its closed beta within the next few months. In addition, Tribal Wars 2 is going to be released as cross-platform game for Android, iOS and all browsers.

Tribal Wars 2 RW1 Tribal Wars 2 RW2

In the game, players will be the leaders of a small village in the midst of a medieval world, and its task will be to expand their village to turn it into a flourishing empire. The MMO’s focus is real-time strategic battles with and against other players. Army size is not all that matters – political alliances and military pacts are crucial for success. Compared to its predecessor, the game features a more detailed graphics, new and interesting features which will add more dynamism to the game, and new buildings, units, and technologies.

Tribal Wars 2 RW3 Tribal Wars 2 RW4

Tribal Wars was the starting point for the success story of InnoGames. The game contains so much passion and personal commitment. This is why we’re very happy that Tribal Wars 2 will be the first native cross-platform game published by InnoGames.” explains Hendrik Klindworth, founder of InnoGames.

Source of information: InnoGames press release.



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