In-depth video review of Neverwinter’s Foundry system

So finally with Neverwinter going into closed beta (Open Beta starting April 30th) our team got the chance to try The Foundry system, something we’ve wanted to do for a while but hasn’t been available in the previous beta weekends.

For those not following the game who don’t know what the Foundry is it basically puts you in control of designing your own instanced quests, from the layout of dungeons, NPCs that inhabit the area (and the dialogue you can have with them), mission objectives and combat encounters.

Unlike most of the videos we do where you get the same first look as and when we see it, with the Foundry it was a little different. The system is extremely in-depth and involved, the tutorials aren’t yet active, and so it took a good three hours of trial and error before we had a good handle on what the system had to offer and this video is the result of what we found out, in one word; impressive.

Check out the video and see just how deep in content your player created quests can be and see a little demo of the things we managed to achieve!

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