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Developed by Illarion e.V. for Windows and Linux.


Illarion is a free, graphical fantasy game that focuses on true roleplaying. Come and join the world of Illarion. You'll fully emmerse yourself in this world, as though your character is a real being. All of the characters around you will behave as real people in this independent, mysterious world. They'll tell you about magicians, ghosts and fairies in some of the most unbelieveable stories and rumors. Pick a race you would like to play: human, dwarf, halfling, elf? Maybe an orc? Or even a lizardman?


Please don't expect experience points or other numbers inside the game which reveal your skills. Just follow the role you want to play, in time you will see whether you become a great warrior, fighting against the various evils of Illarion, or the most respected master smith of the town. Perhaps even the most popular barkeeper because practice makes perfect. Druids and magicians will cast mysterious spells with herbs and runes. In addition to all of this, each race speaks its own language but all are able to speak the common language of Illarion to make themselves understood.


We are offering our own server, a Java client (which can be used with Linux or Windows) and the guarantee that you will never, ever, pay anything for this game. To ensure this we founded a registered society and it became contractual in the statute. Illarion has been online since February 2000 and is always being developed by programmers and volunteers to satisify the wishes of the player community.


The world of Illarion should be like a medieval country. To make this more interesting, we added things like magic, strange peoples (elves, dwarves, ...) and a lot of gods to the setting. We thought about a time, before complex machines were created. Besides these changes, the normal rules of nature apply like on the earth. The world is currently restricted to one island. If the population grows and time passes, we will add other islands, which are, of course, already known of and the poplulation of Illarion maintains contact to them.


Operating system: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP, Linux, MacOS
Graphics card: 16MB memory, driver with openGL support
CPU: 500 MHz and better
A Java 1.5 runtime environment or higher

Website: Illarion

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6 Comentarios de Illarion

  1. John

    Game sucks. Everybody’s uptight, skill system takes forever…no wonder there are only 18 or so players at most…

  2. Lennart

    The game has potential. Some aspects are pretty uncommon, others are great. For example, you can craft almost every item in the game by yourself. You are free to do whatever you like, what results in a lack of auto quests – but the freelance feeling you have while playing Illarion pays back for this flaw.

    Whoever added the video – it is from the fan made spin off game, Legends of Illarion. Not from Illarion itself.

  3. Juanjo de Goya

    Thanks you, Lennart. It’s already updated.

  4. Buddy

    This game is a NO NO. Taking out the fact that it has only a very low number of players, thus most of the time, spending hours in the game without even meeting anyone else, it is amazingly hard to gain skill, and when you do, you get punished for it! Yes, punished by the GMs, since they have this thing in the rules called “powergaming”.
    Also, the few players it has, are very elitist, unfriendly towards new-commers and hating eachother all together. You should see the endless amounts of bullshit that their forum contains… makes you wish you didn’t know how to read.
    Oh and.. GMs are promoted from old players. As such, they will have their own personal friends and enemies, instead of being un-biased. If you have the missfortune to have one of your “enemies” promoted to GM, you’re pretty much screwed.

  5. Pedro

    Okay as for the online play its a way of snlaiciog ? a shit way yes but its also TEAM work on those Multiplayer games such as co-op i mean back in the day co-op you would be sat there with a friend communicating strategising your self. with your friend.. these days its much easier over the internet, and can be done on the headset you don’t have to talk to utter nob heads speak toyour mates you can only enjoy certain Online gaming experiances with a head set some experiances are meaningless with out one because instead of playing as a team your being a boring old basturd doing shit in the game not like it matters ! but being a looser is pretty crap all around ? also i was born in 1989 ! so i can kinda see where your comming from and i reckon mate its YOUR AGE because im in the same boat games have been me !!! all my life since i was like.. 5 !! and lately im bored of it ! any new game that comes out does no appeal to me anymore crackdown 2 .. meh left 4 dead 2.. meh i loved the fisrt 1 .. cod modern ware fare 2.. meh .. its called boredum mate your growing up and these things arent interesting you anymore. it really doesnt help when your anti social on the online gaming experiance, i find ALL GAMES boring these days with out friends to spice it up. seriously your growing up and so am i !!! i brought a new xbox and i played it for a month and got BORED i aint been onit for 4 months now its .. now shite ! and so are the games that come out with it. as for the wii its a new expierance and it isent targeted at serious or long time gamers, i also don’t like the whole swing thing. it ruined Zelda =[ brillient game to !!! but im not going out buying a gay control to play it. and i think video games are trying and pushing for realisum and that bores me because it lacks game play.

  6. Fooser

    Funny how the only positive review is coming from the lead staff member’s sock puppet. Estralis Seborian, lol.

    This game has been a terrible mockery of a sandbox RPG for the last 6 years. If it was ever fun, it was pre 2005 changes.

    Now it’s just another nerd rage drama fest. This is not a MMORPG game, it’s a small private roleplaying club, who treats newcomers like outsiders until they become friends with GMs (usually by engaging in cybersex)

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