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GAME TYPE: Free-to-play City Strategy MMO
PLATFORMS: Web browser


In Ikariam, players are in charge of their own town and must acquire and manage their resources, build up structures to improve their town, train up a huge army and try to expand their borders outside of their own island. The game is free to play and can be accessed through an Internet browser without any need to download any game client.


  • Construct dozens of different buildings to improve your town

  • Train up your own army of ships and land units

  • Advance your civilisation by researching new technologies

  • Acquire much-needed resources

  • Interact with other players through diplomacy, trade and PvP

  • Free to play

  • Browser gameplay


Ikariam is a game that revolves around players acquiring resources and managing them so that they can advance their own town and expand their territory borders to form a sprawling empire. Players are able to construct a variety of different buildings within their towns, each giving improvements to their populous’ way of life or access to new features, build up an army to defend their territory or just as likely to use them to attack rival players. The game primarily focuses on PVP conflict players creating alliances, trading with each other or going to war over resources and territory.


A civilisation can only improve if it has the resources to do so. Everything in the game requires resources to advance, from buildings to units they are all require one or more specific resources to construct. All players have access to Wood when they begin the game, starting on an island with a handful of other players, this resource is the main resource that is required for buildings and units. However, there are also four Luxury resources that players will need for specific buildings and units (Crystal Glass, Sulphur, Wine and Marble), unfortunately each island only has access to one of these resources and so players must either trade them with neighbouring islands or potentially band together to take over their neighbours and claim the resources for themselves.


There are dozens of different buildings that a player can constructs to improve the quality of life in their town, e.g.:

Academy - a place of learning and knowledge that allows players to begin researching new technologies, when upgraded into a larger economy players can employ more scientists to research technologies faster

Barracks - here civilians are equipped with swords, spears and other weaponry and taught how to fight, as well as weapons of war being constructed here, units can be constructed at a quicker rate when a barracks is upgraded and also gives access to new troop types

Shipyard - whilst land units are formed in the barracks it is the Shipyard that are used to construct battleships for conquering the world, when upgraded a player can build their ships quicker and larger

Temple - with temples civilians can be turned into priests that spread the word of the gods and allows players to pray for miracles, which will give access to temporary buffs and bonuses depending on which deity has been worshipped


Knowledge is power and players are able to invest their time and resources into researching new technologies that will prove instrumental in advancing a civilisation. Choosing for categories of research (Science, Seafaring, Economy and Military), players will be able to advance their civilisation in their preferred direction, focusing on the research that will give them access to the buildings, features and units that they have prioritised. Players will earn research points that they can then a locked into one of the four different trees, some later technologies requiring a number of prerequisite technologies before they can be learned.


Whether trying to be a peaceful player and simply using their units to defend their territory or preferring the life of a warmonger looking to conquer their neighbours, PvP is a large part of the game. Players are able to target and individually attack specific towns of an island, even utilising spy units to bring information on a town before an attack begins, where the player's attacking units will go up against the intended targets defensive units as well as their structural defences, e.g. city walls. If players are successful in their attacks, they are able to pillage their targets resources and add them to their own supplies.


Internet browser

Website: Ikariam

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Ikariam game

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7 Comentarios de Ikariam

  1. ikariamplayer

    There is no need for Java for playing Ikariam.

    A computer or mobile with a normal web browser and internet connection is enough. Just Javascript and Cookies must be enabled. (They are by default in every browser like InternetExplorer, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome, Konqueror)

  2. Caesar

    ikariam sucks, major waste of time.

    burnt player who has been around for 3 years.

    moderators are friends of gamers, and will ban you for something biased if you piss the wrong ppl off ingame.

    patch after patch the game gets worse and each patch they may throw a wrench at your game play.

    game is ridden with too many glitches. apparently there are some game changing bugs that only some players know about but dont get banned for using.

    I dont recommend wasting your time.

  3. Nino

    This game is simple and fun.

  4. Doc5thMech

    Ikariam may be simple enough at first glance but is ridden with programming errors. The tutorial is fundamentally incomplete. Gameplay is excruciatingly slow. WARNING: If you decide to move to another island, the cost will be close to $50 to buy the necessary game currency to move the city. If you move and land on an uninhabited island, you have just killed yourself out of the game. Progress proceeds at a MUCH slower rates. It will take you nearly 50 hours to generate the resources that take other players one hour (I have personally been on both sides of that outcome. Even after the first 50 hours, you will continue to be plagued by inadequate resource growth, that also prevent city development and game progress. Developers’ responses were singularly unhelpful and amount to “gee! It is really much harder to play on an uninhabited island” — absolutely no thought given to the royal screw job the unwary player just got hit with. Multiple players in the same household is actively discouraged because that would make it too easy for others to have Alternate Accounts to the same player.

  5. Player Ikariam for 1 year on 3 worlds

    Game is a waste of time and space. I played it and people are frigging bi-polar. I actually thought this is worse than the diplomacy on Civilization 5 at deity level. The only alliances that prosper are war alliances that like to pillage people but when you fight back even though they “respect” 1v1s between players you get completely crush by them. If you want to be crushed repeatedly until you quit just buy Civ 5 and play on the hardest difficulty. At least with Civ you can lower the difficulty to make the game easier so you can get better and add mods so it’s always. On this that is not the case. Another that I rather play than this is simcountry

  6. timbo

    This is a simple and fun game . I have been playing since the day it came out on us servers and i have been loving it ever since. Just guys you guys suck at this game doesnt mean its bad or a waste of time. Its hard to master, i attack poeple all the time and get lots of resources. This game is amazing and you guys are just noobs.

  7. Jamie

    This is not fun. Since starting the game it has been difficult to log in. it will repeatedly say “error” or wrong user name or password. my computer saves my name and password so I know it is correct. after a few tries it lets me in. Today I got the “if you are not a password guessing bot try again in 3 hours…..” No I am not a password guessing bot, your login system is just awful. I tried to create a ticket which was also unsuccessful. After four irritating capchas which I am sure I got at least one of them correct.. I gave up. Your bot catching system is so awesome, it prevents any smart person from playing LOL!!! ok game, terrible support, playing something else now.

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