ijji rewards Soldier Front gameplay with free in-game currency

ijji.com is offering bonus G Coin, the site’s in-game currency, and an bounty of other premium items to avid players of and newcomers to Soldier Front. Gamers that log into the shooter for five consecutive days or more will receive handsome rewards through the end of June.

“With summer kicking off, players now have the opportunity to spend some quality time with their friends in their favorite games – and ijji.com is here to facilitate the fun,” said Calvin Yang, vice president of marketing, NHN USA, which hosts ijji.com. “We appreciate our loyal fans, and are always looking for ways to reward their patronage.”

From now until Wednesday, June 30 any Soldier Front player can take advantage of the free G Coin and more promotion. Depending on how many consecutive days are played, the rewards vary:
• Five consecutive days of gameplay earns every player a Double Up Item, which multiplies future EXP and in-game currency gained by the player over three days
• 200 Soldier Front players who rack up five consecutive days with 500 minutes of playtime will receive 50 G Coins to spend in the game
• 10 consecutive days of play yields seven days of Points x2, allowing players to garner even more upside from in-game conquests
• The illustrious few who achieve ten consecutive days of gameplay with 1,000 accumulated minutes of gameplay will collect 500 G Coin

Check here all you need to know about Soldier Front. And visit its official website.

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