IGG unveils secrets about World of Moonlight Online

The few details released of World of Moonlight Online so far have left gamers wondering what kind of enigmatic universe they can look forward to exploring. IGG has unveils new info about its next mmo.

Having slain the Dark Dragon Nasselgepar, the victorious King Cruz brought peace to the land and founded the Monarchy of Cruz. He formed an alliance with Christiano, the noble lord of the Kalimarov vampires, and Mourinho, the mighty chieftain of the savage werewolves, signing the Peace Treaty of Ansgarde.

This unprecedented time of peace would one day end, after a demonic fourth faction emerged from the depths of hell and brought mayhem to the world. They schemed to fan the flames of hatred and lust, manipulating a romance between a vampire and a werewolf that turned the two races against each other. A massive war broke out between them, and the delicate peace that had lasted eons was thus destroyed by the vile trickery of the demons. Chaos and turmoil spread throughout the land. Even the neutral human race was not spared the horrors of war.

Now that the Great War has ended, vampires, werewolves and humans are left with the daunting task of rebuilding their empires on their war-torn lands. To do so, they must annihilate the dark demons that continue to ravage their homes.

In Moonlight Online, vampires harness elemental energies and possess astounding abilities of speed, equilibrium and power. Beneath their ashen faces and piercing crimson gazes lie mysterious and profound forces. Descended from the purest and most noble bloodlines, vampires are proud and lonely fallen angels of the night.

The natural enemies of vampires, werewolves are fearsome beasts with amazing restorative powers. Their ability to explode into a berserker fury increases their attack power against vampires, fueling gripping PvP battles that feature the colossal clash of claws and fangs.

Not to be taken lightly, humans are powerful beings in their own right. King Cruz received blessings from all the gods for destroying the Dark Dragon, endowing his people with great intelligence and courage. With its many schools of might and magic, the Monarchy of Cruz has raised generations of legendary defenders.

Players will have their choice of any of the three earthly races as they immerse themselves in the moving tales of Moonlight Online. From vampiric hunters that prowl the blackest night to the righteous and fierce guardians of the land, whether they take the role of conqueror or defender, players will harness amazing abilities as they explore the world of Moonlight Online.

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