IGG Thanksgiving Rewards


As a professional gaming platform, IGG is currently running 15 hot games that host a huge community of 15 million passionate gamers from all over the world. As 2009 slowly comes to a close, the official IGG website has averaged 1.6 million visits per DAY. To return some favors in the Thanksgiving season, IGG is going to hold an array of fun-filled and rewards-promising events as listed below:

Voyage Century: Pass Love On
When you walk around in the virtual world of VC, you usually pass by hordes of people. Sometimes you say hello and keep running for your own reasons, and the simple greeting is just that, a greeting. But sometimes such a simple greeting could lead to lifelong brotherhood. With Thanksgiving coming soon, Pass Love On is an event that would give players a chance to say thank you from bottom of their heart. Players participating in this event should send thanks and greetings to other players in the same game scene, via chat. Participating players need to take a screenshot containing your character, the character that you gave your blessings to, and what you said. Spread your blessings up on game forum, and you will be surprised by rare gold coins or karma by chance.

Myth War II: Phoenixes Flare Out of Control
Remember the humble Phoenix in Woodlingor? Now she will turn into the flaring host of our hot party! Let’s get familiar with the rules of the party first. You must shapeshift into a Phoenix before asking for his permission to enter his party. You will see many Phoenixes have gone wild after you enter the specific Thanksgiving Party zone. Your mission is to combat them. You will receive gold, experience and a gift chest if you defeat any of them. To open this chest, you must buy a master key from our Mall.Gifts in the chest include Mystical Fruit, Gems, Potions and Stuffed Turkey. There are no limits to the times you can challenge these Phoenixes.

Wonderland Online: Test Drive v5.0 Items - Mars Riceball
The new version 5.0--Glory of the Empire is coming soon!!! When you have such a big release in the works, players will naturally feel a bit impatient waiting for it to arrive. Well, we know how antsy you all must be getting so we’re letting players take some of the new items for a test drive right after the new version 5.0--Glory of the Empire is released. Try them out and let us know what you think! When the event starts, players who exchange 500 WLO points will be qualified to get a Mars Riceball. Double click it to shapeshift into Mars for 2 hours. If players want to cancel the effect, they just need to double click the riceball once more. The effective time will stop after players cancel the shapeshifting effect.

In addition to the events listed above, the GMs in Angles Online will demonstrate their meticulously decorated houses and offer rewards to players that attend some special balls, While players who exchange for GodsWar Online points will have a chance to get an extra 50% E-Gold. What are you waiting for? Come dive in to these fun events that promise a wide variety of phat rewards!


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