IGG anniversary events for GodsWar Online

To celebrate the 4th anniversary of IGG’s gaming debut, GodsWar Online has prepared an array of events so players can join in the festivities. In particular, players will want to get in on unlocking the Anniversary Chest and a new weekly assassination event that both promise to be rewarding and fun.


Unlocking the Anniversary Chest
To commemorate IGG’s special day, GWO has a filled-to-bursting Anniversary Chest to give away. The challenge, however, will be in finding the key. The opposing factions must race to unlock their Anniversary Chest after assembling a key composed of a full set of key pieces. The first faction to open its Anniversary Chest is declared the winner. Players from both factions can retrieve some of these pieces from the Key Collector at Peloponnesus or Marathon.
If that sounds too easy, you’re right! Players must be wary of hostile Anniversary Chest Bandits who will try to attack whoever holds a bunch of key pieces near the Anniversary Chest. The chests need to be diligently protected, because the bandits are anything but pushovers. Another way to win is to snatch away the opposing faction’s Anniversary Chest. If both factions fail to assemble a key, the faction holding more pieces will be crowned the winner.


The Dark Arts: Poison and Assassination
Warfare in Ancient Greece will reach new heights (or perhaps depths) when the GWO team introduces another deadly threat to the battlefield: the Assassination event. From 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM on Fridays, all Level 60 and higher players can claim some deadly poisons from the Apothecary and either turn them over to an Assassin or attempt to carry out the assassination themselves. Their target is the enemy faction's Consul.
If you are successful in administering the poison, or if your assassin is successful, the Consul’s health will be significantly reduced. Meanwhile, players trying to protect their Consul will be tasked with constructing Arrow Tower(s) to defend their Consul by turning in a certain amount of Crystals to the Apothecary. The event is decided when the health of one of the Consuls is fully depleted, resulting in his death. The victorious side can expect rich rewards from their own Consul, secure in the knowledge that the losing faction must walk away empty-handed to mourn the death of their Consul.

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