How Free-to-Play is Warframe?

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Warframe is an action packed free to play team based co-op from Digital Extremes, using third person perspective the game puts players in the role of the recently awoken Tenno race after generations of long cryo-sleep and finding themselves in the midst of a system war against the enemy Grineer. Using objective based PVE battles and exciting PVP players must master their own Warframes, powerful battle armor that equips them with unique superhuman abilities and skills.

Games have a 100% of free-to-play-ness, but that % will vary depending on the answers to the questions.

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EN - Question 1

  • No. The game is completely free and players only need to register an account and download the client.

EN - Question 2

  • Yes (optional). -15%. Players have the option to buy Prime Access, this program gives subscribers access to the newest released Prime Warframes, Prime Gear and other unique booster items, as long as players want to gain access to these features they must keep paying their subscription.

EN - Question 3

  • No. The games content and updates are added regularly and are free of charge.

EN - Question 4

  • Yes. -5%. As well as the powerful and rare Prime Warframes acquired through subscription players can purchase Platinum, the premium in-game currency, to buy cosmetic upgrades, in game items and booster packs.

EN - Question 5

  • No (but…). -5%. All items can, in theory, be acquired purely through gameplay but the time and cost involved will make it all but impossible for anyone other than the most hardcore players. As many premium items are rare and quite overpowered in comparison to those accessed for free then there is a distinct advantage to gaining access to them.

EN - Question 6

  • No. There are a few UI customization options, but players do not have to pay for this feature and there are no additional customization options to be purchased.

EN - Question 7

  • Yes. There is only one faction in the game, the Tenno, with the other faction being the primary antagonist NPC race. More importantly is access to the Warframes, which act like classes and give different abilities, and can either be crafter in game or purchased with premium currency, which can be bought using real world cash or earned through gameplay.

EN - Question 8

  • No. There is no auction-house system in the game and limited options for player to player trading.

EN - Question 9

  • Yes. -10%. Warframe and weapon slots are restricted and limited unless further slots are purchased with premium currency.

EN - Question 10

  • Yes. There are no restrictions to any areas or content for free to play users.

EN - Question 11

  • No. All content, whether for new players or end game, is completely free to access.

EN - Question 12

  • Yes. +10%. Whilst the options for the Prime Access do give a significant advantage the items earned can be acquired through gameplay, it just takes longer to do so. Regardless, the game is extremely fun and the limitations to free users aren’t particularly game breaking or hindering.

Warframe gets a 75% in our F2PMeter.

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