How Free-to-Play is Elvenar?

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In Elvenar players will have to build up their own elven or human settlement, managing time and resources and constructing various buildings whilst training up the troops required to defend them. Players have elements of PVP as well as trade giving a community driven MMO where alliances and enemies are forged in the rise of establishing a mighty empire. One of the defining elements of the game is the turn based Tactical RPG combat set on a hex based grid players must maneuver their units around the map and fight with strategy. The game is free to play, but after we go through our list of questions we’ll see just exactly how free to play it actually is.

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Does it require purchasing?


Elvenar is played directly through your preferred web browser and doesn’t cost anything.
Does it have monthly subscription fee?


The game does not have any subscription options.
Do you have to pay for expansions and/or DLC packs?


Currently there are no DLC or Expansions available to the game and so all available content is free
Are there micro-transactions? Can you buy stuff in-game with real money?

'Yes' takes away 5%

Elvenar has a single premium currency known as Diamonds, which can be earned by playing the game at a moderate to slow rate, or alternatively purchased using real world cash. Diamonds allow players to buy a variety of buildings in the game, units, and territory expansions, but are primarily used to speed up actions and removing the time constraint such as construct buildings, training units, learning new technologies, etc.
Do micro-transactions give advantages in any way?

'Yes (but...)' - 10%

Some buildings are only available through the Diamonds currency, particularly the Builders Huts that allow players to build more than one building at a time, however mostly the Diamonds help players get access to things quicker and so can offer a slight advantage.
Is fully UI customization restricted?


There are no options top customize the UI at all.
Does the game give access to all available classes and/or races?


Players can choose between the Human or the Elven faction to create their settlement, providing a different look to buildings and units, both races are available for free.
Does it have any limitations to the use of the 'Auction House' (in-game market)?


Trading is available once players construct a Market building, however this building doesn’t require premium currency and can be constructed once players reach the required level.
Are inventory slots and/or personal bank slots limited in any way?

'Yes' - 10%

Whilst there are no inventor/bank slots players are restricted in various ways, firstly with their available space to build and must purchase land expansions, similarly with the amount of resources they can hold and require more storage buildings; both of these areas can be acquired with standard gold currency. However, players can only construct buildings with an available Builders Hut, ie. 2 huts allow players to construct two buildings at once, and these Builders Huts can only be purchased with Diamonds.
Can you access all the zones and dungeons?


There are no area restrictions to free to play accounts
Is High-end Content (PvP or PvE raids) restricted?


The same content is available through the duration of the game and so there is no real high-end content in the game, and so no restrictions to it.
Can you fully enjoy the game without paying a single 'penny'?

'Yes' + 10%

Although acquiring Diamonds in game is possible simply through playing, it can be a slow process and so there is a time incentive for players to spend cash, similarly there are times where having no Diamonds can mean you have nothing to do for a while. However, the game can still be played more casually and the tactical combat is still accessible and fun.


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