Holidays in Sword of the new World

Granado espada (sword of the new world) - logo

Sword of the New World, a premier fantasy MMORPG title of GamersFirst, is celebrating the holidays with themed special items and in-game events through the New Year.

The Snow Drop Challenge Event (December 23 – January 6)
Players will have a timed challenge in-game to type the exact things the NPC says. They get 3 challenges and will win various prizes depending upon their performance. Prizes include Christmas socks, X-mas tree, Snowman, Christmas Firecracker, or experience cards.

Year of the Tiger Event (December 23-January 6)
Sword of the New World will be celebrating the year of the Tiger on New Year’s this year. Join in to participate in a number mini-game and get a chance to win a Tiger pet that can be used to buff.


All you need to know to play Sword of the New World: Granado Espada.

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