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Developed by MGame for Windows.


Holic Online is a 3D fantasy MMORPG by Mgame for USA with gorgeously animated graphics. Adventure through the lands of Lunatia while trying to learn more about yourself and how you arrived in the game’s parallel world.


In holic online you have a very good class system. You can have a main class and a Sub class. This mean you choose a class when you first start the game off. Once you hit lvl 10 you can choose a second class to be you sub class.

In the start of the game there is a skill "Class Revolving" that allows you to switch classes so you don't have to worry about learning that ,and it takes away absolutely no mana or mp.
There is no penalty for switching between two classes and players will be able to swich from one class to another to use combination of skill to form an optimal combat strategy.
Subclass gets to have double exp. That is as long as its lower lvl than the main class. If it becomes higher level then the main class gets to gain double exp. The other thing about this class system is if you dont like your subclass you can change it any time to one of the other classes while still being able to keep all of the things from the old subclass. Then you can go back to it at anytime and continue where you left off. The other great thing is all the classes also have job advancements.


UCD is the thing that makes Holic online so different. All players in Holic are able to set traps or arrange strong monsters in their own dungeon and become dungeon creator.
Steeped terrain, strong monsters, terrifying boss monster can be arranged in UCD (User Created Dungeon) and creators can open their own dungeons to the public. UCD system has various map design selection to help players to create their own dungeons. Name your own dungeon and open your dungeon to everyone!


UCQ is another thing that helps holic online out. With this system people can set up a quest for other to do. You pick what they need to do as in what they need to kill, how much of it and the reward that they get.All players can create their own quests.The first person that complete the quest will receive random boxes that have been prepared according to level and difficulty of the quest.


The pets in Holic are creatures that can fight alongside the user, serve as a means of transportation, or use items on users, you get to use two pets at once.,you can be on your mount and then have an attacking pet out.This is a new concept that can not be found in traditional games. You can dress up or equip your pet with items and give them a name.

These pets with smart AI, fancy appearance, and effective equipments will serve as your own private combat partner


Combo Relay System is a system where a party uses a magic skill that is formed with 7 notes of an octave. The Seven Sign combo, which is a combination of 7 types of skills and magic can cause 7-Combo damage in sequence, is considered to be the ultimate party skill. Aside from bonus damage, the Seven Sign combo bonus will also give a sense of belonging and success to the users in the party, The graphic display of Seven Sign Combo is so fancy that it's like watching a scene from a movie.


OS: Windows XP / Vista
CPU: Pentium 4 1.4 GhZ or higher
RAM: 512MB
Free Space:  2GB
Graphic Card: Nvidia 4 Fx or equivalent VGA card
Direct X: Direct X 9.0c

Website: Holic Online

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