Heva Clonia Online announces its Open Beta

OGPlanet is going to start the open beta of its new free-to-play casual MMORPG Heva Clonia Online, on October 17th after a successful closed beta.

Heva-Clonia-Online-Open-Beta-Screenshot RW4

During the Open Beta, players will experience interesnting features, such as monster battling, dungeons and guild system with the ever growing game community.

Heva-Clonia-Online-Open-Beta-Screenshot RW5 Heva-Clonia-Online-Open-Beta-Screenshot RW6 Heva-Clonia-Online-Open-Beta-Screenshot RW7 Heva-Clonia-Online-Open-Beta-Screenshot RW2 Heva-Clonia-Online-Open-Beta-Screenshot RW3 Heva-Clonia-Online-Open-Beta-Screenshot RW1

Source of information: OGPlanet press release

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