HeroWarz Welcomes Mac

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KOG Games announced today its highly-anticipated, fast-paced action RPG, HeroWarz has launched the all new, gat-strapped mercenary, Mac!

Mac started out as a mercenary; a veteran triggerman in a covert organization known as the White Sharks. The organization had a reputation for paying their assassins very well, and for Mac, business was good... real good. Mac had everything a man could want: fast cars, fast women, a killer pad, plenty of toys, more money than he could spend and... nowhere to run.

Mac took a contract that set his mark on a woman named Mary. Not only was Mary innocent, but the organization knew well that Mac would never take a hit out on women and children. Mac bit the bullet, took Mary in, protected her, and hid her from the Sharks. He just earned a mark on his own head.

Mac is known to have an ice-cold, distant glare that focuses on one thing: the hit. His urban get-up, shock-white hair and piercing steel eyes make him a fan with the ladies, and woe betide any man unlucky enough to earn his mark. Mac's quiet, pensive character isn't a front. Though the body-count has given Mac more fortune than he could ask for, it weighs heavy on the soul. He drowns out the noise with violence and getting wrecked on cheap liquor. Those he's murdered, the countless indentures literally haunt him, mocking him... letting him know how they feel.

Mac is a long to mid ranged gun fighter; a direct-damage, single target power house. For anybody that loves an isometric, vengeance fueled bloodbath, Mac delivers with pinpoint accuracy, but don't take our word for it, see the new video:


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