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Silver Style has just announced the release of a comprehensive update adding lots of new content to Herokon Online. New high-level areas and a new dungeon as well as new chapters to the hero's story, new enemy types, an enhanced chat client and other enhancements have been introduced.

Adventures in Herokon Online are based on deep and complex stories and all quests revolving around the background story and fate of the player's hero originate from experienced TDE authors. The update continues extends the quest series with two exciting adventures, "Hidden in the Swamp" and "The Secret of the Deed".

01_herokon_online_thorwal_daspota 02_herokon_online_thorwal_daspota

Moreover, high-level players can now head off to explore two additional areas, Daspota and the Bodir Valley, while players level 25+ may delve into the Cursed Goblin Cave, a new dungeon only recommended to be tackled in a group. In there, goblin zombies and zombie boars watch over valuable treasures, ready to savagely attack anyone who draws near.

The other new features include two new enemy types and a new heroic deed system that not only offers new rewards but also allows players to collect them whenever they want. It's also possible to invite friends into the game in order to obtain rewards. And finally,the chat client now features separate tabs forĀ individual conversations.

03_herokon_online_thorwal_bodir_valley 04_herokon_online_thorwal_bodir_valley

If you're eager to know more about Herokon Online, we're preparing a full profile at the moment you can expect very soon.

Source of information: Silver Style press release.


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