Heroes of the Storm Releases Update 2.0

Heroes of the Storm - news

The game-changing 2.0 update is now live, taking Heroes of the Storm to the next level with a more powerful progression system, reward-packed Loot Chests, an innovative Overwatch-inspired Battleground, a brand-new Hero, and more!

Here are just a few of the new features you can experience:

· Progression System Overhaul — Player level cap has been removed and transformed into the sum of all Hero levels gained, with even bigger rewards at levelling milestones

· Loot Chests — Packages containing random assortments of nearly every awesome reward in game, including Heroes themselves, are now received through progression or purchase

· Social & Customization Rewards — Loot Chests also contain new cosmetic rewards for Heroes, including emojis, voice lines, announcer packs, banners, and more

· New Hero: Genji — An augmented cyborg ninja whose agility and skill make him an exceptionally lethal threat, the new Overwatch-inspired Hero is an opportunistic, highly-mobile Assassin who can tear apart a weak backline

· New Battleground: Hanamura — The Overwatch-inspired two-lane Battleground is set within the sprawling grounds of Shimada Castle; Heroes must find victory through use of the map’s unique mercenaries, taking down the Mega Enforcer boss, and escorting the Payloads to victory

For details on the changes check out our Progression 2.0 Spotlight:


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