Heroes of the Storm Gameplay Commentary

Heroes of the Storm - First look headlogo - EN

We've recently dedicated some of our time to checking out Heroes of the Storm, Blizzard Entertainment's latest MOBA title that allows players to take on the role of some of the most popular hero and villain characters originating from the most successful Blizzard games ever. Taking part in traditional three-lane MOBA combat, the players' goal is to fight their way past tower defences, enemy heroes and minions in order to obliterate the enemy core as well as to utilise unique map objectives in order to gain an edge.

When having a first glance at the game, we jumped onto the Dragon Shire map for a Random Hero battle where we had to fight against computer bots. Check out our video in order to get introduced to the basics and the main features of the game, to learn about the core concepts of map objectives as well as to witness an entire match. Find out whether we won and managed to unleash the dragon and feel free to share your own opinions with a comment.

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