Heroes in the Sky has been officially launched

GamesCampus.com today announced the official launch for Heroes in the Sky, the MMOTPS, WWII flight combat simulator. The launch will feature all new content including new maps, planes, a new level cap and much more.

There will be aslo new premium planes such as the ramjet-powered fighter Skoda Kauba SK,P.14.01 and the Japanese Mitsubishi J4M1 Senden, which has a four-blade propeller that moves it at 437 miles per hour will also be introduced.  These masters of the sky will be available to both the Allied and Axis in celebration of the official launch, but only for a limited time this month in the game's Premium Shop. 

In addition, new bundle packs; Upgrade, Expansion and Occupational War -will be available at low prices to allow players to get to the top of their game with the least impact to their wallet!  Finally, players wishing they could extend their items without the need to run back to the shop are in luck because players can now easily extend their items once they've learned their items have expired! 

"Jumping into the cockpit to re-live some of the greatest aerial battles in history is something every flight sim fan looks forward to," said Uyen Uyen Ton Nu, head of Marketing for GamesCampus.  "With the help of our burgeoning online community which provided invaluable feedback during our open beta, and the slew of new features in the game, we have intensified the super-charged gameplay experience of Heroes in the Sky."

Check here all you need to know about Heroes in the Sky. And visit its official website.

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