Heroes in the Sky has announced a new battleground, Occupational War

GamesCampus.com, has announced today a new battleground for their MMOTPS Heroes in the Sky, named Occupational War. Combining together a high intensity PVE story with fast paced PVP, Heroes in the Sky challenges players to become top Ace in a World War II setting.

Occupational War is the biggest battlefield that Heroes in the Sky offers to players. Pitting Allies against Axis, players can compete and acquire territories within the map, and then must defend them against the hordes of the enemy. GamesCampus will be presenting a global twist to the map during the Occupational War Event, which pits the world's best against each other regardless of faction, but by region!

Players will be able to register by opting into the Occupational War via the character screen. European players will be suiting up against players from the U.S.A. to determine once and for all which region has the most firepower.

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