Heroes & Generals has released a new video titled “Come Out to Play”

The MMOFPS Heroes & Generals, has released a new video titled “Come Out to Play”. By splicing live action and in-game sequences together, the video celebrates H&G’s innovative combined online FPS and strategic campaign in an authentic World War II setting.

As a true testament to our open door development model, where developers work with Heroes & Generals players in the alpha and beta community to enhance the game, Reto Moto has invited some hardcore fans to participate in the video. From near and far, these community co-stars arrived and happily joined members of H&G development team on the frontlines and in the strategy room for a few days of glorious make-believe war.

"We wish to create a living and breathing game universe, where we deliver the setting and the scene, but the real 'star' is the community who plays out all the active roles in a persistent war and helps us tweak the experience into the game that they want to play,” says Jacob Andersen, Game Director at Reto-Moto. “I believe that the 'Come Out to Play' trailer shows the scope of Heroes & Generals – and it's just perfect that we have actual community members participating as actors in it!"

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