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Internet browser


Playata GmbH


In Hero Zero take on the role of budding hero in this powerful flash based browser game where you take on missions for experience and glory, train up your characters skills and statistics, challenge other avatars and do what it takes to eventually become a real superhero.

The beautifully rendered graphics enhance the comic world, combing casual gameplay and humour for an easy to pick up n’ play game with both single and multiplayer elements.


  • Full Character Customization: Use a wide variety of options to design your unique hero

  • Training: Play in a variety of ways to increase your experience and enhance your attributes

  • PvP Duelling: Challenge other players to a PvP duel

  • Missions: Complete missions to game fame and experience

  • Environment: Explore the immersive comic style game world

  • Browser Based: No client download required, play in your favourite browser

  • Shop: Buy gear and clothing to further customize your hero


Create your hero or heroine to your personal style with a variety of customization option to change every aspect of their appearance, from hair style, lips, nose, eyebrows and everything else. Expand their uniqueness further using the in-game shop to buy zany clothing and wacky equipment that aren’t just for show and can be used in your missions.


Starting life as an unlikely neighbourhood good-guy your missions will scale up with what you can achieve, unfortunately when you begin you are capable of little more than helping old ladies cross the street and recovering cats from trees. Missions typically fall into two types: Time Missions or Combat Missions.

With each successful mission you complete you receive XP which can be spent to boost skills and coin to buy gear.  As you improve your abilities and arsenal you’ll move on from your sleepy neighbourhood into the wider world and face down real supervillains.

As an added bonus player can choose a one-on-one fight to the death, whilst dangerous these missions drastically increase your hero’s fame.


The game itself revolved around a tongue-in-cheek humorous approach to the superhero genre, even in combat, where you can equip your hero with a number of unlikely weapons such as a super pink hair blower!

Whilst funny in places there are elements that create the gloomy atmospheric vibe in a district where three villains await your unlikely hero.


Hero Zero’s in-game shape primarily features gear and customization options for your character that you can buy using coins earned from your successful missions. With a number of whacky items at your disposal, from sparkling sandals, transparent cloaks, fluffy nightgowns and intelligence boosting flowery flip-flops, you’ll find their selection both comical and useful.


Internet connection + web browser

Website: Hero Zero

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