Hero of The Obelisk begins its closed beta testing

GBE Games has announced that their upcoming free-to-play hack n' slash MMO Hero of The Obelisk has just started its closed beta testing.

Hero of the Obelisk screenshot RW1 Hero of the Obelisk screenshot RW5

To celebrate the start of this closed beta, the game is hosting a variety of cool events, which reward players with great prizes:

  • In the event "Battle Tested" the 5 players who win the largest number of PvP matches will be rewarded with a Razer Naga Gaming Mouse.

  • With the event "Reach Level 30 '' players who reach level 30 during the open beta will receive $ 20 in game currency.

  • The "Enhance-a-Holic" event will reward all players that improve an item up to + 10 with $ 10 in game currency.

  • And finally the event "I Believe I Can Fly" raffle 10 prizes of $ 20 in game currency among those players who have got wings.

Hero of the Obelisk screenshot RW3 Hero of the Obelisk screenshot RW6

Source of information: GBE Games press release.

Hero of the Obelisk - logo 640 (temporary)

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