Hellgate Global has announced its July Events

T3fun has announced a surge of exciting events for July in Hellgate Global. With a varied lineup of events that are sure to please all types of players, Hellgate Global continues to up the ante this July.

Transmogrification Lottery – Using the Transmogrifying Cube to combine weapons and forming new ones has never been this rewarding. Simply use the cube during the event period and give yourself a chance to win some wicked prizes.

A Match Made in HELL – PVP specialists will have their skills tested to the limit this July. Gladiators who take part in this epic showdown will not only have to deal with his combatant but also a participating GM who can do as he wishes in the arena. To cap off  the madness, random monsters will spawn in the arena to cause even more mayhem. Those who survive this brutal spectacle though will be immensely rewarded.

A Hunt to Remember – Use those keen eyes and sharp minds to make you rich. Specific items will be posted on the Hellgate forum and it’s up to you to find an identical item in game. Match it correctly and sell it on the Marketplace where our GMs can randomlybuy it for a preannounced price. To top it off, 5 participants will not only reap monetary rewards but also add an impressive piece to their weaponry.

Anniversary Tickets – A whole new world has just opened up. All players can now access all acts beyond Act 2 of Hellgate without having to purchase them with Tcoins. All new enemies and breathtaking environments await a new generation of players willing to brave the savage landscape caused by the forces of evil. Pick up your weapons and steel those nerves as the fight for man’s survival only gets tougher and more dangerous from here on out.

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