Heavenly event for Zentia

ChangYou.com (US) Inc. today announced that they are opening up "the Heavenly Test," leveling event for their Zentia Closed Beta players. The challenge, which  starts today and will run throughout the rest of the Closed Beta period, requires the entire community to work together in order for anyone to be able to achieve a level higher than 40.
The Heavenly Test is an in-game world event. The first player who reaches level 40 in Zentia can initiate "the Storm Test," the first Heavenly Test event.  In a break from conventional one-player or team-based quests, in order to pass Zentia's Heavenly Test, players will need help from the entire community.   If the Heavenly Test is successfully completed, all players that participated in Closed Beta will receive a special "Blaze Horse" mount to use in Open Beta. In addition, the players that complete the final Heavenly Test boss battle will be rewarded with unique in-game titles and a permanent record of their names on Zentia's Temple Wall, and of course, all players in the game will benefit from the removal of the level 40 restriction.  
Heavenly Test Details:
- Players who reach level 40 can talk to Taoist Yuan in the Dubhe Temple to initiate the quest and receive the location of the Storm Test starting point
- After the player has located the starting point of the Storm Test, Taoist Yuan asks the player to talk to Triple Eye Taoists around the Storm Test starting point
- The player must kill the Triple Eye elders around the Storm Test starting point until a jade stone drop is found.
- Once a player has the jade stone, Taoist Yuan will lead him or her to a mountain to find a Taoist to solve the curse of the stone. Watch out for an ambush by Triple Eye mobs along the way!
- The player must then kill the Triple Eye Taoists and give the jade stone to the Taoist being sought. The stone will teleport the player to the Storm Test instance

Resource contribution requirements:
1. 50000 units of Common Fur.
2. 50000 units of Iron Ore.
3. 50000 units of Rose Branch.

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