Hearthstone officially launched in Europe

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Blizzard has just communicated the removal of the beta tag from their free-to-play digital card game Hearthstone and officially launched the game in Europe.

The MMO is already avaible to PC and Mac users with iPad support coming soon. Versions for Windows tablets, iPhones and Android devices are still in development and scheduled for release in the future.

en_Innkeeper_PC-Launch-Day_Spell Golden Heroes

To celebrate the official launch, Hearthstone received several new features. Golden Heroes will turn a player's hero into a gold version once they've managed to win 500 matches in Ranked Play with this class, enabling unique animations in their portrait as well as Hero Power.

There will moreover be added new card backs to the game, which can be obtained in various ways while Reconnect allows players to pick up where they left off when being disconnected during a game and reconnecting within 60 seconds

Furthermore, those who also play World of Warcraft are able to earn their personal Hearthsteed mount by winning 3 matches in Hearthstone's Play mode to accomplish the "Mount Up!" achievement.


Source of information: Blizzard Entertainment press release.

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