HAWKEN presents its new Invasion update

Meteor Entertainment has announced the arrival of HAWKEN's new Invasion update, which arrives with a new mech, the Predator and a new cooperative mode named co-op Bot Destruction.

Hawken coop RW1

The Predator is a medium-sized Mech, that excels at ambush combat thanks to its Stalker ability, which provides him with an almost total invisibility, and allows him to see their enemies through walls thanks to a form of heat vision.

The new Co-Op Bot Destruction mode allows players to team up in a desperate struggle for survival, in which waves of AI drones and bot mechs, and mech-based Boss fights will put players on the ropes.

In addition the Invasion update also adds two new repair drones, thruster design, three custom skins, and three solid camo colours.

Hawken coop RW2

We’re excited to be releasing a new mech and expanding our game modes for our community of players. The Predator is unlike anything we’ve released before” says Jason Hughes, Senior Producer at Adhesive Games, the game developer behind HAWKEN.

Adhesive CEO Khang Le of Adhesive Games adds “The latest update has again been driven primarily from the awesome feedback we continue to get on HAWKEN from the fans.

Source of information: Meteor Entertainment press release.

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