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The dark season is coming closer and closer and with it the most scary time of the year: Halloween. The gPotato Europe team is glad to announce many different Halloween events as well as a brand new track to discover in Street Gears, the free cel-shaded in-line skating MMO, available in French and German throughout Europe.

Get a costume and celebrate with us the ancient festival of Halloween in Park Town from the 29th October to the 12th November 2009. The Street Gears team has been busy over the last few weeks and has prepared many different and exciting events during this period.

From the 29th October to the 12th November we will start our event with the Pumpkin Tournament and the Ghost Pole Gate Attack. And for all bright minds we’ll have the Halloween Quiz on the 30th and the 6th November. For participating in the events, the best riders among you will be rewarded with fantastic prizes.

All players who log in on the first day of our event will have the chance to win a great prize, as the Street Gears team will raffle 5 new Brian character skins. And all players that will log in between the 29th October and the 1st November will receive a special Halloween gift!

Who is Brian? The 28 year old Brian is our new playable character that arrived in Park Town as an undercover agent and joins Dr. Brown’s archaeology team. He has a strong personality and is a master of disguise, survival and high precision weaponry. In his spare time he enjoys classical music and hard rock. Since the 29th October Brian has been available in the character shop.

Beside all those events and our new character, we are also going to present you a new track to discover: “Forbidden City“. The Asian style track holds a few surprises and requires both speed and control in order to succeed in recording the best times. The course includes jumps, speed ways and high slopes that require great agility and high speed!


Street Gears is a free in-line skating MMORPG with an urban and manga universe, published in its French and German versions by Gala Networks Europe Ltd. In the Park Town city, Street Gears players embody riders, inline skaters and thrill seeker fans who live only for freedom. Races, challenges and mini-games are the day-to-day of these riders, in this atypical free MMORPG!

Visit the official website of Street Gears.

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